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At Home Return Policy

At home return policy

Hey, decor enthusiasts! I’m Tuba, a blogger and home decor lover. Shopping for home decor can be tricky, right? There’s a lot to consider, like store location, product quality, price, customer reviews, and, of course, the return policy. Let’s dive into the world of hassle-free returns together.

At Home, a popular store for home decorations and furniture, knows that customers might want to return or exchange things sometimes. They’ve got a good return policy to make shopping easy. This article will explain the at home return policy, covering things like returns with or without a receipt, online returns, returns for certain items, and more. Let’s find out about the easy returns at AtHome!

at home return policy

Why the at-home?

Before I talk about At Home return policy, let’s quickly look at the store’s history. It started in 1979 in Schertz, Texas, as Garden Ridge Pottery, later becoming Garden Ridge. In 1999, Three Cities Research became a major owner.

The company faced financial issues and filed for bankruptcy in 2004, but successfully recovered in 2005. AEA Investors bought it in October 2011. CEO Lee Bird III, from Nike Inc. and Gap, joined in December 2012. In 2014, all Garden Ridge stores became At Home, costing about $20 million. At Home went public on September 4, 2015, and in July 2021, it was acquired by Hellman & Friedman.

Seamless customer experience with an at-home return policy

Deciphering the intricacies of At Home return policy can be a delightful journey filled with flexibility and customer-centric practices. Despite the website’s lack of explicit instructions, a careful exploration reveals a structured framework designed to cater to various scenarios. Here’s an in-depth look at the key points that make At Home return policy exceptional.

Eligibility Criteria Unveiled

Initiating a return with At Home requires adherence to specific eligibility criteria. Your item must reside in its original box, remain unused, and stay unaltered. This foundational condition sets the stage for a smooth and successful return process.

Time Limit for Returns

  • Exclusive Benefits for Insider Perks Members

Enjoy a generous 90-day return window, a testament to At Home’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

Hassle-free returns without receipts for Insider Perks members, validated through their accounts.

  • Return Window for Non-Insider Perks Members

Non-Insider Perks members benefit from a 60-day return window, requiring proof of purchase via a store receipt or credit card payment confirmation.

Return Methods

Return methods gain specificity when dealing with products delivered through the at-home delivery partner, PICKUP. These items can exclusively find their way back to a physical store, adding a unique layer to the return process.

Refund and Exchange Flexibility

Meeting the stipulated conditions results in a full refund. However, even without proof of purchase, At Home offers an alternative store credit equivalent to the current item price at the time of return. This adaptive approach ensures fairness in various circumstances.

Special Considerations for Savvy Shoppers

At Home return policy intricately outlines rules for specific item categories. For example:

  • Christmas-themed products are refundable at the current price if returned after December 25.
  • Mattresses fall under the category of non-eligible items for returns or exchanges.
  • Products labeled “Sales Final” are non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

Understanding these nuances empowers customers to make informed decisions, particularly with items that may have unique conditions.

Diving Deeper into At Home Return Policy

As a dedicated shopper and advocate for consumer rights, I delved into At Home’s return policy to unearth details that shape the customer experience. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of my findings:

a. No Exchanges, But Expert Assistance

While exchanges aren’t part of the returns policy, At Home’s staff is well-prepared to assist customers. Unwanted products can be returned, and new items can be purchased with the guidance of dedicated and friendly staff members, ensuring a seamless process.

b. Exceptional Cases Addressed

While the return policy aims to cover a broad range of scenarios, some exceptions should be noted. Due to hygiene reasons, mattress returns are not accepted. Pillows and cushions must have all tags intact for eligibility, and items marked as “All Sales Final” cannot be returned. The policy communicates these exceptions clearly, ensuring transparency and managing customer expectations.

c. Returns for Delivered Delights

For products delivered through local partners like PICKUP, Roadie, or DoorDash, customers are requested to return them in-store. This streamlined requirement guarantees refunds or store credits, helping customers avoid potential complications from returning delivered items.

d. Addressing Damaged or Defective Items with Priority

The store prioritizes customer satisfaction, even in cases of damaged or defective items. Customers are encouraged to return such items to their nearest store within 60 days, and the store strives to promptly resolve the issue, offering a refund to ensure customer satisfaction.

e. Christmas Merchandise Returns Beyond the Season

Recognizing the seasonal nature of returns, At Home accommodates requests for Christmas merchandise returns beyond December 25. Customers can secure a refund for the current price of Christmas items with the original receipt, adding extra convenience for customer satisfaction.

f. Soft Furnishing, Accessories, and Decor Products

For soft furnishings, accessories, and decor items, At Home provides a generous return window of 14 days from the delivery date. The Cash on Delivery convenience charge is non-refundable, serving as a crucial detail for those considering returns.

g. Furniture Products

  • Return Policy Criteria for Furniture Aficionados

This heading highlights the specific criteria that furniture enthusiasts need to consider when returning items purchased online, focusing on manufacturing defects and damaged deliveries.

  • Streamlined Return Process at At Home

This heading discusses At Home’s customer-friendly return process, emphasizing the convenience of free returns through courier pickup and the flexibility to exchange non-furniture items both online and at physical At Home stores without extra courier charges.

h. General Return Policy for Non-Furniture Products

At Home underscores its commitment to customer satisfaction through a 14-day refund or exchange policy for non-furniture products. This policy is applicable when accompanied by the original sale invoice, ensuring a smooth and transparent return process.

i. Cancellation Policy Flexibility

The cancellation policy emphasizes flexibility for customers. You can cancel your order online before it’s sent out, or if it’s shipped but not delivered yet. They quickly give your money back once they get the item back.

j. In-person Returns and Exchanges at At Home Stores

For those who prefer a hands-on approach, At Home allows in-person returns and exchanges. Most items are returnable, with exceptions. Online purchases returned to an At Home store result in the issuance of credit notes, which can be redeemed against future purchases within three months. It’s imperative to retain the original credit note for hassle-free transactions.

k. Returns and Exchanges through Courier Collection

At Home streamlines the return process through courier collection, providing an airway bill during collection. The policy allows exchanges only for items with the same price, ensuring fairness and consistency. Refunds or exchanges are processed within 5 working days upon receipt of the merchandise in unused condition.

l. Return Reasons: Encompassing Transparency

The return policy covers a spectrum of reasons, including damaged, defective, incomplete, or incorrect products. To initiate a return, customers need to provide two images—one showcasing the damaged part and another capturing the entire product—to add a layer of transparency to the process.

m. Gift Vouchers and Cash on Delivery Convenience Charge

Gift vouchers, while a go-to choice for special occasions, fall outside the returnable realm. At Home does not accept returns or exchanges for gift vouchers, which is a crucial factor to consider when making a purchase decision. The store reiterates that gift vouchers are non-returnable, and the Cash on Delivery convenience charge is non-refundable. These seemingly small details contribute to a clearer understanding of the overall policy.

n. Customer Support for a Personalized Experience

To address any queries or concerns related to returns and exchanges, At Home offers responsive customer support. Contact them at 1-800-121-1414 (10.00 a.m.–6.00 p.m. IST; 6 days a week) or via email at, ensuring a personalized and supportive experience for customers navigating the return process.

Quick View of At Home Return Policy 

Company AtHome
Return Mediums In-Store, Mail
Return Period 12 Hours
Refund Period Not specified
Refund Method AtHome E-Wallet, Original Method of Payment
Exchange Period 28 Days
AtHome Email
Return Time Limit 7 Days
Receipt Required Yes
Return Label Not specified
Restocking Fee Not specified
Refund / Exchange Yes, Customer’s choice
Online Return / Exchange Yes
Original Packaging Required Yes
Conditions Unused, In the same condition as received
Exceptions Perishable goods, Gift cards, Items not in original condition, Damaged or missing parts not due to AtHome's error, Items returned more than seven (7) days after delivery

Summarizing the whole process of  At Home Return Policy 

So, this is a short guide to the return policy for at home. Let’s summarize the key points discussed in this blog:

  • Eligibility Criteria: Items must be in the original box, unused, and unaltered.
  • Timeframes for returns: Insider Perks: 90-day return window; flexible returns without receipts.
  • Non-Insider Perks: 60-day timeframe; proof of purchase required.
  • Return Methods: Pickup-delivered products are returnable only to physical stores.
  • Refund and Exchange Process: Stipulated conditions lead to a full refund. Lack of proof allows for a store credit equivalent to the item’s current price.
  • Special Considerations: Rules for Christmas items, mattresses, and “Sales Final” labeled products.
  • Christmas Merchandise Returns: Refundable beyond December 25 with the original receipt.
  • No Exchanges, But Smooth Assistance: Exchanges are not allowed; staff aids in seamless returns.
  • Exceptions to the Policy: Hygiene restricts mattress returns; “All Sales Final” items are non-returnable.
  • Returns for Delivered Products: Pickup-delivered items are returned in-store.
  • Addressing Damaged or Defective Items: Damaged items are returnable within 60 days with prompt resolution and a refund.
  • Soft Furnishing, Accessories, and Decor Products: 14-day return window; non-refundable Cash on Delivery convenience charge.
  • Furniture Products: Returnable for defects; report within 48 hours.
  • General Return Policy for Non-Furniture Products: 14-day refund or exchange policy with the original sale invoice.
  • In-person Returns and Exchanges at At-Home Stores: in-person returns with exceptions; online returns result in credit notes.
  • Cancellation Policy: Orders can be canceled before shipment or upon undelivered items; prompt refunds.
  • Returns and Exchanges through Courier Collection: Streamlined process; exchanges for items of the same price within 5 working days.
  • Return Reasons: Covers damaged, defective, incomplete, or incorrect products; requires two images.
  • Gift Vouchers and Cash on Delivery Convenience Charge: non-returnable gift vouchers; non-refundable Cash on Delivery convenience charge.
  • Customer Support: Responsive support via phone (1-800-121-1414) and email ( for a personalized experience.

Conclusion about at-home return policy

Upon examining the returns policy of this store, it becomes clear that customer convenience and satisfaction are top priorities. The store adopts a flexible stance on receipts, accommodates Christmas returns, and boasts a helpful staff prepared to assist, instilling confidence in customers regarding their purchase decisions.

Even though there are some special cases, the store keeps things clear by letting customers know about specific conditions. Through offering a streamlined return process, this store reaffirms its dedication to fostering a positive and hassle-free customer experience.

FAQS about at-home return policy

Can I return any item purchased at AtHome?

In general, AtHome allows returns for most items within the specified time frame and conditions outlined in their return policy. However, certain exceptions may apply, such as final sale items or items that have been altered or damaged by the customer.

What is AtHome’s customer return policy?

AtHome’s customer return policy enables customers to return eligible items within the defined return period. The refund or store credit is typically based on the original payment method and the condition of the returned item(s). It’s important to review the specific guidelines for different scenarios, as they may vary.

Is there a refundable policy at AtHome?

Yes, if your stuff is eligible, AtHome will give your money back using the way you paid. But make sure to follow the rules in their return policy to get your refund smoothly.

Can I exchange a product for a different item?

While direct exchanges are not facilitated, the store’s staff is ready to assist customers in finding suitable replacements. Customers can return unwanted products and purchase new items with the guidance of the helpful store staff.

Are there any exceptions to the return policy?

Yes, there are a few exceptions to the policy. Mattresses cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons. Pillows and cushions must have all their tags intact for eligibility. Additionally, items marked as “All Sales Final” cannot be returned. The policy is transparent in communicating these exceptions.

What is the procedure for returning delivered products?

For items delivered via local delivery partners like PICKUP, Roadie, or DoorDash, we encourage customers to initiate returns in-store. This streamlines the return process, ensuring a smoother experience and guaranteeing refunds or store credits. This approach helps customers sidestep potential complications associated with returning delivered items.

Can I return personalized or customized items?

AtHome typically does not facilitate returns for personalized or customized items, unless they exhibit damage or defects. We advise reviewing the dedicated guidelines for these items within the return policy for more specific information.

What is the return period for seasonal items?

The return period for seasonal items may vary. It’s advisable to refer to the specific information provided for each seasonal product in the return policy or contact AtHome’s customer service for clarification.

Do I need the original packaging for returns?

It’s better to keep the box, but AtHome might still take back your item even if you don’t have it, depending on how it looks. Look at the return policy for exact details.

Can I return online purchases in-store?

AtHome typically allows customers to return online purchases in-store.

However, make sure to look at the return policy for any particular instructions or conditions regarding online returns.

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