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Top 10 best home decor stores in Asheville NC, 2024

Top 10 best home decor stores in Asheville NC 2024: According to our writer

Asheville is city of home stores where we can find lot of home decor  stores. Asheville, North Carolina is a beautiful city known for its arts and crafts scene. Asheville,  is a city that has something for everyone and that style can be reflected in your home decor. Asheville is home to a number of great home  home decor stores, where we can find everything from unique and stylish pieces to affordable and functional items.

Whether we’re looking for a new sofa to complete our  living room, a unique piece of art for our bedroom, or a stylish rug for our hallway, we’re sure to find it at one of Asheville’s many home decor stores. Home decor stores in Asheville, North Carolina, are also  well renowned for their thriving arts and crafts culture. There are many distinctive and fashionable home decor stores in Asheville that we may browse if we want to liven up our living space. Here i am going to explain best and Top 10 best home decor stores in Asheville NC, 2024.


10 Best home decor stores in Asheville NC in 2024: Complete Guide

Asheville is the  house of  one of the top and best home decor stores, there are  numerous kinds of  home decor stores which increase popularity and beauty of Asheville. Now I am going to explain top 10 home decor stores which are given blew ,

(1) LOOM IMPORTS Asheville Home decor Store

Rare Artisan Products

LOOM Imports is a home decor store in Asheville, North Carolina, that specializes in rare artisan textiles. The company collaborates with creative artisans from around the world to produce genuine handcrafted heirloom textiles. Each textile is manufactured with natural materials and traditional methods.

Fair Trade Practices

LOOM Imports home is committed to fair trade practices. The company’s Asheville home decor store operations are guided by fair trade principles, and the company emphasizes collaborative, community-driven ethical collaborations.

Sustainable Sourcing

LOOM Imports home decor store was founded out of a strong dedication to sustainable and fair trade practices. The company has close personal ties to master craftspeople throughout the globe, and it is committed to supporting their talent and way of life. LOOM Imports has observed how its collaboration with craftspeople has resulted in sustainable economic growth and the preservation of ancient methods for future generations.

Empowering Consumers

LOOM Imports home decor store sees a society that is more aware, where people are empowered to find out how and where their products are manufactured. The company identifies the specific artisan who created each of the linens and antiques it offers. LOOM Imports believes that decorations for homes and meeting places should honor human connection and have greater value. The company believes that helping craftspeople in far-off places can be a catalyst for ending poverty and conserving cultural heritage.


LOOM Imports is more than simply a business selling home decor goods; it’s a symbol of Asheville’s innovative spirit and dedication to sustainability. Therefore, LOOM Imports home decor store in Asheville is the greatest home décor destination in Asheville if we’re looking for that special item to make our living environment a reflection of our individuality. Here, in the center of this bustling city, between the mountains, is where we quest to improving our house begins.


115 Elk Mountain Rd Studio A, Asheville, NC 28804, USA


Phone+1 828-771-6286

(2) Budget Blinds of Asheville home decor store

Design and Function Flawlessly

Matched Budget Blinds of Asheville is a home décor store in Asheville  that specializes in window treatments. Their highly qualified, experienced design consultants offer superior neighborhood service and window treatment solutions that promise to enrich our home environment and elevate our lifestyle.

Wide Selection of Window Coverings

Whether we’re looking for luster-rich bespoke shutters, versatile blinds, fashionable shades, or elegant drapery, Budget Blinds of Asheville has a window covering solution to meet our needs and budget. They offer a wide variety of styles, colors, textures, and materials to choose from, so we  can find the perfect window treatments to complement our home décor and lifestyle.

Free In-Home Consultation

To make the design process easy and fun, Budget Blinds of Asheville offers a free in-home consultation. One of their design consultants will come to our home to measure our windows, discuss our needs and budget, and help us select the perfect window coverings for our space.

Attention to Detail and Logical

Service Budget Blinds of Asheville is committed to providing their customers with the best possible experience. They take care of everything for us, from measurement and installation to customer service and support.

Transform Your Living Spaces

Window coverings can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of our home. They can improve the appearance of a space, offer privacy, regulate lighting, and even help save energy. Budget Blinds of Asheville can help us  find the perfect window treatments to transform our living spaces and create a home that is both comfortable and beautiful.


If we’re looking for a one-stop shop for window treatments in Asheville, Budget Blinds is the perfect choice. With their commitment to quality, customization, and exceptional service, they have earned their reputation as the go-to source for window treatments in the area.


30 Westgate Pkwy 197. Asheville, NC 28806. ..


Phone+1 828-683-5343

(3) Moon Girl Glass Asheville Top home Decor Store

A Magical World of Molten Glass

Moon Girl Glass is a home décor store and workshop located in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina. Stepping inside this unique space is like entering a magical world where molten glass is transformed into fantastical works of art.

Adept Craftspeople Guided by the Prophetic Moon Girl

Under the guidance of the talented Kristen, a team of adept craftspeople skillfully manipulates flaming glass into exquisite forms. Each piece is a testament to the blending of art and science, as colors mix together to produce intriguing patterns and motifs.

A Wide Variety of Artistic Expressions          

Moon Girl Glass offers a wide variety of artistic expressions, from elaborate vases that sparkle in the sunlight to finely crafted jewelry that shimmers with elegance. But what truly sets Moon Girl Glass apart is the human touch that infuses every creation.

Each Piece Carries a Piece of the Artisan’s Soul

Each piece of Moon Girl Glass carries a piece of the artisan’s soul, their passion and dedication evident in the fine details and unique character of their work. The artists here don’t just create glass objects; they craft stories, emotions, and dreams into every piece.

Visitors Can Enjoy a Spectacular Performance

Visitors to Moon Girl Glass are treated to a spectacular performance as Kristen demonstrates her working style in the 25′ x 30′ shop, which has been specially furnished with repurposed materials, including a refrigerator that has been converted into a glass-fusing kiln.

Wide Variety of Products Available

Moon Girl Glass regularly has a wide variety of products available in stock, including hummingbird feeders, ornaments, drinking glasses, vases, bowls, decanters, pitchers, rings, pendant lights, and chandeliers. Kristen also teaches lessons in a variety of glass working techniques.

Conclusion: A Haven of Creativity and a Tribute to the Eternal Charm of Workmanship

Moon Girl Glass is more than just a workshop; it’s a haven of creativity and a tribute to the eternal charm of workmanship. When we purchase a work from Moon Girl Glass, we aren’t merely adding to our collection; rather, we are joining a vibrant web of human passion and creativity and making a connection with the artists’ hearts and souls. It’s a location where creativity exceeds the limitations of the medium and a dash of humanity enlivens the glass industry.


1881 Riddle Farm Rd, Marshall, NC 28753


Phone: (828) 713-2019

(4) pOpshelf  home decor store of Asheville

A One-Stop Shop for All Things Home Design

Are we ready to step up our home décor game? Look no further than pOpshelf Asheville! pOpshelf is more than just a store; it’s an experience that turns our living spaces into unique expressions of style and comfort.

Wide Selection of Home Decor Goods

we can find a diverse selection of home décor goods at pOpshelf Asheville that will suit every taste and price range. There is something for everyone, from chic furniture items to eye-catching wall art, from comfortable wraps to colorful cushions, and from sophisticated vases to funny trinkets. Our house will reflect our distinctive aesthetic taste thanks to the store’s well-picked inventory.

Affordable Prices

pOpshelf stands out for its dedication to affordability without sacrificing quality. Without going broke we can remodel our living room, bedroom, kitchen, and other spaces.

Helpful and Pleasant Staff

Our shopping experience will be a breeze thanks to the store’s helpful and pleasant staff, who are always willing to help.

Conclusion: A Place Where Your Unique Ideas Can Come to Life

pOpshelf Asheville is more than simply a place to buy home goods. It’s a location where your unique ideas can come to life. Our house serves as a canvas, and pOpshelf gives us the paints and brushes with which to paint our tale.


100 River Hills Rd, Asheville, NC 28805, USA


Phone+1 828-820-2193

(5) Millers Crossing Asheville Home Decor store 

Diverse Furniture Sets at Fair Prices

Millers Crossing home decor of Asheville is a furniture business that specializes in offering diverse furniture sets at fair prices. The store has intriguing options for every taste and price range.

Unique and High-Quality Merchandise

Millers Crossing takes great satisfaction in its carefully chosen selection of exceptional and high-quality merchandise. The store combines the old with the modern to produce a constantly changing inventory that is made up of a large number of one-of-a-kind goods that you won’t find anywhere else.

Warm and Close-Knit Community

As soon as we enter Millers Crossing, we can feel the warmth of a close-knit community. It’s a place to belong, not merely a place to live. The people who live here are connected in ways that go beyond simple neighbors because they share more than just a location.

Haven for Nature Lovers

Millers Crossing’s respect for the environment is among its most alluring features. It’s a haven for nature lovers with its vast open areas, communal gardens, and walking routes. People from the neighborhood frequently congregate around the fire pit to tell tales, watch the stars, and make lifelong memories.

Commitment to Excellent Customer Service

Millers Crossing is committed to providing excellent customer service. The store’s welcoming and accommodating team will do all possible to meet and surpass your expectations in terms of service.

Conclusion: A Place to Call Home

Millers Crossing of Asheville is more than just a place to call home; it’s a sanctuary of community, comfort, and human connection. It’s where the beauty of the natural world harmonizes with the warmth of human relationships. It’s where life’s moments are savored, and lifelong friendships are forged. So, if we’re seeking a place that feels like home from the moment we arrive, Millers Crossing awaits with open arms, ready to welcome us into its embrace.


172 Swannanoa River Rd, Asheville, NC 28805, USA


Phone+1 828-268-3662

(6) Second Chances Thrift Store Asheville best Home Decor store

A Symbol of Second Chances and Community Solidarity

The Second Chances Thrift Store, located in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina, is a unique location that personifies the spirit of second chances and community solidarity. This small shop is more than simply a place to buy things; it’s also a place where individuals may find new possibilities and abandoned objects can find new life.

Expertly Picked and Affordably Priced Items

Gently used home goods, furniture, and apparel are expertly picked and affordably priced at Second Chances Thrift Store. This project not only saves trash but also gives excellent products to those who are on a tight budget.

Investing in the Community

The store’s earnings are invested in a number of regional projects, from helping the homeless to aiding struggling families. This shop stands out because of its dedication to giving individuals a second chance. It offers individuals in need work chances and job training, assisting them in developing essential skills and self-worth.

A Unique Human Touch

Every contact we have seems unique here, which serves as a constant reminder of the excellent human touch.

Conclusion: Embracing Second Chances

Asheville’s Second Chances Thrift Store is a wonderful example of how a neighborhood can work together to effect change for the better. It gives unwanted goods new life while providing a lifeline to people seeking atonement and rejuvenation. We demonstrate the genuine meaning of compassion and resilience with every purchase and contribution, giving a second chance to both things and people. It’s a place where we have  second chances are valued and embraced, where hope may find a home.


49 Glendale Ave, Asheville, NC 28803, USA


Phone+1 828-505-3440

(7) INDO Apparel & Gifts Asheville Home Decor store

A Sanctuary for Artists and Explorers

 INDO Apparel home decor store is situated in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina, lies INDO Apparel & Gifts, a charming boutique that perfectly captures the spirit of this vibrant city. Beyond its racks of clothing and aisles of handcrafted goods, this shop is a representation of Asheville’s character as a place where community, creativity, and culture coexist.

A Carefully Curated Collection

For individuals seeking a closer relationship with nature as well as artists and explorers, Asheville has long been a sanctuary. INDO Apparel & Gifts embodies this diverse mix by offering a carefully curated selection of clothing and gifts that highlight the city’s unique personality and its residents. Every item in the collection has a story and is a unique work of art.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Local Designers

The business takes pride in carrying apparel lines from local designers who emphasize sustainability and craftsmanship. Each product, from hand-woven scarves to earth-friendly t-shirts, embodies Asheville’s culture’s dedication to both fashion and environmental awareness.

A Community Hub

But what really sets INDO apart is its commitment to community involvement. The shop regularly hosts events that bring together local artists, musicians, and craftspeople, fostering an environment where Asheville’s spirit is vibrant and alive. With events like live music nights and pop-up markets selling locally crafted jewelry, INDO promotes relationships and celebrates the city’s creative energy.

Passionate Staff

The heartwarming conversations you’ll have with the store’s passionate staff make your visit to INDO truly special. They are not just salespeople; they are ambassadors of Asheville’s culture, eager to share recommendations for exploring the city, hiking trails, or the best local eateries. Their enthusiasm adds a human touch that transforms shopping into an unforgettable experience.

More Than Just a Business

In conclusion, more than just a business, INDO Apparel & Gifts serves as a window into Asheville’s character. It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in the originality, kindness, and creativity that make this mountain town unique. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, INDO wants you to have a meaningful and personal connection with Asheville. So, the next time you’re in this magical city, be sure to stop by INDO Apparel & Gifts and let its distinctive blend of apparel, gifts, and sense of community leave a lasting impression on you.


9 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC 28801, USA


Phone+1 828-281-7440

(8) LOFT of Asheville Home Decor store

A Serendipitous Collaboration

The L.O.F.T.’s history is as whimsical and carefree as the shop itself. In 1996, Vann Boyd and Katie Skinner met while living next door to each other on Cumberland Circle. Katie had recently quit her job and was spending her days repairing used furniture and making tie-dye chairs to sell at local art galleries and consignment shops. Vann, who lived just down the street, would stroll by and chat with Katie as she worked on projects in the yard. Like Katie, Vann was a junker who frequented yard sales and flea markets to find great deals on furniture, which he then upcycled and used to fill his home with treasures. Needless to say, they quickly bonded.

A Daring Idea

One Friday night, while Vann’s wife, Caroline, was away, Katie and Vann were having drinks on the porch and talking about business opportunities. Katie claims they were drinking margaritas, but Vann insists they were actually drinking wine. Whatever the libations, they were buzzing, and as is typical of the vivacious Vann, he fired Katie up. He remarked something to the effect of, “We each have a little money saved up. Let’s get a building and open a store!” By Monday morning, they had a meeting with a realtor and had purchased 53 Broadway. When Caroline returned home the next day, she found her husband and a woman she barely knew buying a building. Thankfully, she was aware of this trait in him and got on board with a sense of “here we go again.” Even the name, Lost Objects, Found Treasures (L.O.F.T.), was Caroline’s idea.

From Restaurant Supply to Treasure Trove

Over the next six months, Katie and Vann completed their own renovations on the building, which had previously been a restaurant supply store. They filled the store with the furniture they had renovated in their own homes, along with Chronicle Books, Vance Kittera Candles, and French-milled soaps. The L.O.F.T. was born.

More Than Just a Store

The L.O.F.T. is more than just a home decor store; it’s a place where the human touch elevates the shopping experience. Step inside, and we’ll encounter warm smiles, genuine conversations, and personalized fashion advice. LOFT’s staff isn’t just knowledgeable; they’re our trusted fashion companions.

Beyond the racks of stylish clothing, LOFT cultivates a sense of community. It hosts events that bring people together, fostering connections and collaborations. From styling sessions to charity events, LOFT transcends fashion, making we feel like part of a welcoming family.

Discover the Magic of LOFT

Discover the magic of LOFT in Asheville, where style meets in our heart.


 53 Broadway St, Asheville, NC 28801, United States


Phone+1 828-259-9303

(9) River Arts District Asheville Home Decor store

Vibrant Community of Artists

The River Arts District (RAD) is a mile-long stretch of the French Broad River that is home to a thriving community of artists. Over 200 artists work in a variety of mediums, including painting, drawing, ceramics, metal, fiber, glass, and wax. Each artist has their own unique style and approach, making the RAD a truly diverse and exciting place to explore.

Open Studios and Galleries

Although the RAD does not have set “Open Hours,” there are always a number of studios and galleries open to the public. Visitors can stroll down the streets of the RAD, popping into studios and galleries as they please. Many artists are happy to chat with visitors about their work, and some even offer demonstrations or workshops.

More Than Just a Place to Buy Art

The RAD is more than just a place to buy art; it’s a place to experience the creative process firsthand. Visitors can watch artists at work, learn about different art mediums, and even take a class or workshop. The RAD also hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including art shows, festivals, and concerts.

A Must-Visit for Art Lovers

If you’re an art lover visiting Asheville, the RAD is a must-visit destination. With its vibrant community of artists and diverse range of galleries and studios, the RAD has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re looking to buy a unique piece of art or simply experience the creative energy of Asheville, the RAD is the place to be.

Tips for Visiting the RAD

  • The RAD is easy to reach by car, bike, or foot. There is also a free trolley that runs on Second Saturdays and during the Studio Stroll Weekend.
  • Many studios and galleries are dog-friendly, so feel free to bring your furry friend along.
  • Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, as you’ll likely be doing a lot of walking.
  • Take your time and explore the different studios and galleries. There’s no need to rush.
  • Don’t be afraid to chat with the artists. They’re always happy to talk about their work.
  • If you see a piece of art that you like, don’t be afraid to make an offer. Many artists are willing to negotiate.


The River Arts District in Asheville is a testament to the enduring power of creativity and human connection. It’s a place where art thrives, and where the community comes together to celebrate the beauty of expression. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a curious traveler, or simply seeking a unique experience, the River Arts District promises a memorable journey through the vibrant tapestry of human creativity. Come and be inspired by the magic of Asheville’s artistic heart.


Riverview Station (191 Lyman Street, Asheville),

(10) The Cottage Asheville Home Decor store

A Hidden Gem in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Asheville, North Carolina, lies a hidden gem that captures the essence of southern charm and mountain allure – The Cottage Asheville. With its quaint architecture, lush gardens, and warm hospitality, this delightful getaway beckons travelers to step into a world where relaxation and serenity reign supreme.

Rustic Charm and Contemporary Comfort

The Cottage Asheville offers guests a unique experience that goes beyond simple lodging. You’ll feel at ease the instant you enter, as if someone were giving you a loving embrace. The adorable exterior, which is decorated with vibrant flowers and ivy-covered walls, creates the ideal atmosphere for an enjoyable stay.

Inside, there are several inviting rooms that have been carefully designed with a mix of rustic charm and contemporary comfort. Every visitor will experience the hand-selected furniture, plush bedding, and attentive amenities to make them feel pampered and at home.

A Peaceful Haven Reconnecting with Nature

The Cottage Asheville offers a relaxing atmosphere whether you’re reading a book by the fireplace or enjoying a glass of wine on your private veranda. The beautiful grounds of this exquisite getaway are one of its most alluring features.

Walk down meandering paths lined with colorful flowers, take in the fresh mountain air, and listen to the rustling of leaves. The grounds of The Cottage Asheville provide a peaceful haven where you may reconnect with nature and relax from the pressures of daily life.

Ideally Situated for Exploring the Region

In addition to its attractiveness, The Cottage Asheville is ideally situated close to a number of the region’s top tourist destinations. All of these nearby attractions include a thriving arts scene in downtown Asheville, gorgeous hikes along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and restaurants serving farm-to-table fare.

More Than Just a Place to Stay

In conclusion, The Cottage Asheville is more than simply a place to stay; it’s a warm invitation to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the North Carolina mountains. You’ll experience a loving hug that lasts in your heart long after you leave from the time you arrive until you say goodbye.

So, if you’re looking for a bit of mountain enchantment with a dash of southern friendliness, The Cottage Asheville is ready to make your stay a special experience. The Cottage Asheville’s eternal appeal is that you may arrive as guests, depart as friends, and return as family.


30 N Lexington Ave Asheville, NC 28801


(828) 424-7944

Why we Love and prefer these Top 10 best home decor stores in Asheville NC, 2024

  1. Diverse Selection

These shops provide a wide variety of home design goods to suit various preferences and aesthetics. There is something for everyone, from cutting-edge and trendy designs at LOFT to one-of-a-kind, handcrafted items at Moon Girl Glass.

  1. Quality and Craftsmanship

Quality and workmanship are prioritized in many of these shops. For instance, Loom Imports provides exquisitely made home décor goods with a cosmopolitan flair. Because of this dedication to quality, buyers may buy long-lasting items.

  1. Local Artisans

The creations of regional artists and artisans are shown at stores like River Arts District. People like discovering really unique items that convey a narrative and supporting the local creative talent.

  1. Affordability

While some shops sell expensive goods, others, like pOpshelf, provide reasonably priced solutions without sacrificing design. Because of its low cost, a larger spectrum of clients may access it.

  1. Sustainability

The Second Chances Thrift Store supports the expanding trend of environmentally responsible and sustainable buying. People value the chance to reduce waste by browsing for treasures at thrift stores.

  1. Personalization:

Budget Blinds offers custom window treatments, allowing customers to tailor their décor to their exact specifications. This level of personalization is a big draw for homeowners looking for unique solutions.

Conclusion of top 10 Asheville Home Decor stores

Budget Blinds offers useful and fashionable window treatment options. Loom Imports stands out for its varied selection of international-inspired décor. Unique glass art from Moon Girl can transform any room, and pOpshelf sells stylish yet reasonably priced home décor goods.

Millers Crossing and Second Chances Thrift Store, with their carefully chosen collections of used gems, are ideal for individuals who value a blend of old and modern. In contrast to LOFT, INDO Apparel & Gifts offers a distinctive fusion of home goods and apparel, and INDO Apparel & Gifts offers contemporary, simple furniture.

The River Arts District has a wide range of possibilities for anyone who want to support regional artists and become immersed in the thriving arts community. The Cottage, a delightful home design store with a homey, cottage-like ambiance, is tucked away in the center of Asheville.

So these are the Top 10 best home decor stores in Asheville NC, 2024 we hope you have successfully selected the best home decor store for shopping.

FAQs about Asheville Home Decor stores

Q. Does Asheville have good shopping?

In Asheville, some of the greatest locations to shop are focused in the city’s lively downtown, where you can discover eccentric, locally owned stores that sell handcrafted and well chosen items. Take a piece of unique wall art, or utilitarian art in the shape of jewelry, furniture, or glassware, home.

Q. Why is Asheville so popular?

Asheville is famous their top home decor stroes and famous for Mountainous Asheville is located in western North Carolina. Most notably, Asheville is well-known for the Biltmore Estate and the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is renowned for its craft beer culture as well. While there, take in the architecture and art culture and spend some time relaxing at Pack Square Park.1

Q. What is the largest business in Asheville NC?

Asheville is famous for their best campiness and also top level decor things and stores which increase tourist  attraction  and there beauty.

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