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Top 10 best home decor stores in Toledo, Ohio

Creative Home Decor Stores In Toledo, Ohio

This is the best place to find unique and creative home decor items, so I am glad you found my blog at the best home decor stores in Toledo, Ohio. Let me tell you about the stores I selected: they have a lot of antique and unique products with excellent quality at affordable costs, and they also have positive reviews from previous customers.

I also have some home decor store blogs to share with you; read them and get some new ideas about home decor stores.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying Home Decor Stores Online

When you start searching for home decor stores online, you have to think about what style you want. You would like to browse through different stores to find the perfect match for your taste and home ambiance.

Design and Elegance

Consider your ideal style carefully before selecting a home decor store. Whether your style is different, vintage, or modern, its essential to choose a store that supports it. Find out about stores that have a variety of styles to view.

Product Reviews and Quality

Verifying the product’s quality is necessary for a satisfying purchase. You have to usually check other customers ratings and reviews to make sure the products fulfill your expectations. Trusted stores of home decor store a high value on quality and have satisfied customers.

Budget and Price Range

While purchasing home decor online, it is important for you to take your budget into account. your search for stores that offer a broad range of prices to suit different budgets. It’s critical to find affordable options without sacrificing quality.

Policies for Shipping and Returns

For a seamless shopping experience, make sure to review the store’s return and shipping policies. To ensure hassle-free transactions, you like retailers who offer liberal return policies and fair delivery charges.

Remember, exploring various home decor stores online allows you to find the perfect pieces that resonate with your style and preferences.

The top 10 best home decor stores in Toledo, Ohio

Finally, I am going to start discussing the home decor store, as according to myself, it is a very interesting portion of blog



A Legacy Owned by Families

More than just a furniture store, Furniture Row is a family-run business dedicated to providing excellent home decor. Four specialist furniture stores nestled away in a small shopping complex represented the beginning of their journey and the creation of the first “Furniture Row.” Their humble beginnings provided them with an important lesson: the importance of a hassle-free shopping experience.

Where Value and Quality Found

Discovering the joy of providing an unparalleled shopping journey, they amalgamated living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture under one roof. This transformation made Furniture Row the go-to spot for premium home furnishings at a remarkable value.

Beyond Furniture: Your Complete Home Decor Store

Explore their expansive collection, featuring more than just furniture. Find your style with their array of home accents, lamps, furniture, mirrors, rugs, display cabinets, gaming tables, kitchen carts and wine racks, pillows and throws, and captivating wall art. At Furniture Row, they transcend the conventional, offering everything to turn your house into a home.

This concise yet comprehensive selection ensures that Furniture Row remains your ultimate home decor store, catering to every corner of your living space with elegance and quality.

Address and contact

4720 Monroe St., Toledo, OH 43623

(419) 474-7444

Business hours

  • Mon 10am-8pm
  • tue 10am-8pm
  • wed 10am-8pm
  • thur 10am-8pm
  • fri 10am-8pm
  • sat 10am-8pm
  • Sun 12pm-6pm

2: At home


 A Wonderland of Home Essentials

At Home is not just a store; its a treasure trove of home essentials. From outdoor furniture to plush rugs, elegant curtains to stunning wall decor, they curate a vast array of products. Dive into their kitchen and dining selection, where you will discover quality items to elevate your culinary space. Explore their bath section for luxurious additions that transform your daily routine. Not to forget, their extensive furniture and pillow collection cater to diverse tastes and preferences, ensuring there is something special for every corner of your home.

 Seasonal Delights: Transforming Your Home

Experience the magic of seasonal decor with At Home. From Christmas trees that breathe life into the holidays to Halloween adornments that spark spooky delight, they excel at crafting moments for every season. Explore their seasonal offerings, including ornaments, thematic decorations, and festive accessories that bring joy to your home year-round. Embrace each holiday with their specially curated items, allowing you to create a magical atmosphere that reflects the spirit of the occasion.

 A Diverse Haven: From Modern Trends to Timeless Classics

Step into At Home to discover an eclectic mix of contemporary trends and timeless classics. Whether you seek modern accents to revamp your space or timeless pieces that exude elegance, their diverse range caters to every taste. Explore furniture styles spanning from cozy and modern sofas to sophisticated dining tables. Delve into their extensive accent collection, offering everything from chic cabinets to stylish stools. With a keen eye on aesthetics, At Home ensures you find the perfect pieces that align with your vision for a beautiful home.

Address and contact

2244 S Reynolds Rd., Toledo, OH 43614


Business hours

  • Mon Closed
  • Tue 9AM–9PM
  • wed 9AM-9PM
  • Thur 9 a.m.–9 p.m.
  • Fri, 9AM- a.m.–9 p.m.
  • sat 9AM-9PM
  • Sun 9AM-6PM

3: Value city furniture



Family-Led Legacy:

For close to 75 years, Value City Furniture, a family-founded and family-led enterprise, has stayed true to its roots. Started with a mission to offer reliable style, quality, and value, it remains committed to these principles. Jonathan Schottenstein and Jay Schottenstein lead the business today, steering it with a keen vision to provide high-quality furniture for every phase of life.

Leadership and Vision

Under the stewardship of Jonathan Schottenstein, the fourth-generation president, and Jay Schottenstein, the third-generation chairman, Value City Furniture continues to thrive with remarkable leadership and a forward-thinking approach. Their dedication aims to furnish your life’s every moment with high-quality furniture.

Diversity and Inclusion Commitment:

Value City Furniture takes pride in fostering diversity and inclusion. From recruitment to ongoing learning, development, and consultation, the organization is dedicated to creating a supportive culture that values diversity in thought, culture, and background at all levels. This commitment extends beyond furniture, shaping an environment where everyone feels valued.

Value City Home Decor Store

Explore a diverse range of products at Value City Furniture, including sofas, beds, home office tables, sectional sofas, rugs, dining tables, dining sets, and accent chairs. Each item reflects the commitment to style, quality, and value that has been the foundation of this family-owned home decor store for decades.

Value City Furniture remains a trusted home decor store, delivering quality furnishings that blend style, durability, and value for every corner of your home.

Address and contact

4475 Monroe St., Toledo, OH 43613

(419) 473-2405

Business hours

  • Mon: 10am–9pm
  • tue 10am–9pm
  • wed 10am–9pm
  • thur 10am–9pm
  • fri 10am–9pm
  • sat  10am–9pm
  • Sun: 11am – 7pm

4: Tweaks on Tiques

home decor store

Discovering Treasures

Years ago, Tweaks on Tiques was founded out of a love for antique furniture and all of its possibilities. They search for both the common and the unique, from items in need of minor repairs to seemingly forgotten “junk” that turns into fine, classic furniture.

Seasonal Splendor

Celebrate every season with their specially curated seasonal items. From festive decor to seasonal accents, infuse your home with warmth and joy all year round.

Timeless Tables for Every Occasion

Explore their array of tables designed to elevate your space. From dining tables for family gatherings to versatile accent tables, each one is a statement piece, meticulously crafted to add character to your home.

Seating Delights: Chairs, Rockers, and Benches

Indulge in comfort and style with their range of seating options. Whether its a cozy reading nook or an inviting dining area, their chairs, rockers, and benches blend craftsmanship with comfort seamlessly.

At Tweaks On Tiques, their products are more than just furniture; they are a reflection of your style, meticulously crafted to be cherished for years to come.

Address and contact

5247 Secor Rd., Unit 7, Toledo, OH 43623


Business hour

  • Mon Closed
  • Tue 10 AM–3 PM
  • Wed 10 AM–3 PM
  • Thu 10 AM–3 PM
  • Fri 11 AM–3 PM
  • Sat 11 AM–3 PM
  • Sun Closed



A Furniture Producer for Every Room

Standing tall as one of the biggest brands of home decor, La-Z-Boy Incorporated services every area of the house. Their collection includes dining areas and living rooms, respectively.

Comfort Redefined: La-Z-Boy Signature Recliners and Sofas

Enjoy the ultimate in comfort and relaxation with the luxurious couches and recliners from La-Z-Boy. Enjoy a level of luxury that has been carefully and thoughtfully created to further enjoy and spend every moment with relaxation.

Gather & Dine in Style: La-Z-Boy Dining Delights

From elegant dining tables to chic chairs and trendy barstools, La-Z-Boy redefines dining aesthetics. Explore their exquisite range, designed to transform every meal into a celebration of style and functionality.

Beyond Seating: La-Z-Boy Versatile Home Decor Range

Explore a world beyond seating with La-Z-Boy’s extensive collection. Explore a treasure trove of home essentials, including accents, storage solutions, and more, curated to complement and enhance every corner of your home.

Address and contact:

5178 Monroe St., Toledo, OH 43623

(419) 882-8082

Business hour:

  • Mon: 10am–7pm
  • Tue 10am–7pm
  • Wed 10am–7pm
  • Thur 10am–7pm
  • Fri 10am–7pm
  • Sat 10am–7pm
  • Sun: 12pm–5pm



Your Ultimate Home Decor Store in Toledo, Ohio

Welcome to Stylish Home Furniture, where sophistication meets comfort in every corner of your home. Located in Toledo, Ohio, their showroom has an unparalleled collection that seamlessly merges functionality with exquisite style.

Sleek Furniture for Every Space

Discover a diverse range of furniture pieces designed to transform your living spaces. From modern sofas to chic dining sets, their collection caters to various tastes. Whether it’s contemporary lines or timeless classics, they have something for every vision.

Transforming Bedrooms and Workspaces

Elevate your bedroom oasis with luxurious bed frames, cozy mattresses, and tasteful bedside tables. Find ergonomic office furniture and stylish accessories to craft a productive workspace.

Accents That Make a Statement

Explore their decor selection, from statement rugs to exquisite art pieces, catering to minimalist to bold styles. Their accents ensure your home resonates with your unique sensibilities.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Their knowledgeable staff offers expert advice and a personalized shopping journey. Consult their in-house design experts to create a stunning, cohesive look for your home.

Stylish Home Furniture in Toledo, Ohio, is your destination for top-quality home decor and furniture. Visit there today to experience the fusion of style and comfort and transform your house into a stylish sanctuary.

Address and contact

2544 N Reynolds Rd., Toledo, OH 43615, United States


Business hours

  • Mon Closed
  • Tue 11 AM–7 PM
  • Wed 11 AM–7 PM
  • Thu 11 AM–7 PM
  • Fri 10 AM–7 PM
  • Sat 10 AM–7 PM
  • Sun 10 AM–5 PM



Discovering Walmart Home Decor Store

Welcome to the Walmart Home Decor Store, your one-stop destination for a myriad of essentials and delightful finds. As an American multinational retail corporation, Walmart boasts a diverse array of offerings, ranging from fresh groceries to household must-haves and captivating home decor pieces.

Exploring Walmart: A Brief Overview

Founded in 1962 by brothers Sam and James “Bud” Walton in Arkansas, Walmart has grown into a colossal retail entity, encompassing hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery outlets across the United States. The company’s roots lie in Bentonville, Arkansas, where it is currently headquartered.

Dive into Home Decor Galore

Discover a treasure trove of decor wonders at Walmart’s Home Decor Store. Explore an extensive collection that includes:

Wall Decor:

From art pieces to mirrors, clocks, and decorative accents, elevate your walls with sophistication.


Add warmth and style with accent rugs, area rugs, doormats, and unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Curtains and window treatments:

Find blackout curtains, sheer drapes, and curtain sets to transform your space.

Other Decor:

Illuminate your home with candles, cozy up with throw pillows, and explore holiday-themed decor that adds festive charm.

At the Walmart Home Decor Store, finding the perfect accents for every room becomes an effortless and enjoyable experience. Discover endless possibilities to elevate your living space.

Address and contact

5821 W Central Ave. Toledo, OH 43615


Business hour

  • Mon 9 AM–8 PM
  • Tue 9 AM–8 PM
  • Wed 9 AM–8 PM
  • Thu 9 AM–8 PM
  • Fri 9 AM–8 PM
  • Sat 9 AM–8 PM
  • Sun 10 AM–6 PM




Established in 2002, Furniture Palace swiftly became a go-to destination for exquisite contemporary furniture. With an online presence since 2009, their focus remains unwavering: to deliver impeccable design, superior quality, and unbeatable value.

Home Decor Store Experience

Explore their expansive collection of contemporary furniture, meticulously curated to perfect your living spaces. From chic shelving units, sofas, and coffee tables to bedroom ensembles, wardrobes, and accent pieces, find everything you need at their home decor store.

Office Oasis

For the workspace, indulge in their array of office furniture, encompassing reception areas, ergonomic chairs, tables, and storage solutions. Their range caters to every office need, ensuring functionality meets exceptional design.

The Essence of Furniture Palace

Each piece is selected not just for its design but also for its practicality and value. They believe that exceptional design should seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle, a principle reflected in their collections.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Their user-friendly website offers comprehensive details, including prices, close-up images, color variations, and informative product descriptions. They are committed to enriching your online shopping journey.

Specialties and Offerings

Discover their wide range of specialties, from home and office furniture to an array of decor items. Explore their selection of sofas, recliners, dining sets, outdoor furniture, mattresses, wall art, clocks, vases, and much more.

With Furniture Palace, elevate your spaces with elegance, functionality, and style.

Address and contact

2743 Central Ave Toledo, OH 43606


Business hour

  • Mon 10 am–7 pm
  • Tue 10 am–7 pm
  • Wed 10 am–7 pm
  • Thu 10 am–7 pm
  • Fri 10 am–7 pm
  • Sat 10 am–7 pm
  • Sun 12–4 pm




From Yard Sale Beginnings to Premier Home Decor Destination

Established over 24 years ago with humble roots in a yard sale, Savings Station has evolved into a premier home decor store dedicated to enhancing your living space. Initially offering a mix of new and pre-owned furniture, they transitioned to exclusively providing brand-new furniture, representing renowned names like Ashley, Jackson, Symbol, and more.

Unparalleled Selection for Every Room

Their expansive showroom caters to every aspect of your home, featuring collections for the living room, dining room, bedroom, and even mattresses for a restful sleep. Explore their curated range of bedding, kid furniture, and accessories, ensuring every corner reflects your style.

Beyond Furniture: Supporting Global Missions

At Savings Station, your purchase transcends furniture. Every sale contributes to funding missions worldwide and supports local endeavors in Toledo, OH. Shopping with them not only brings quality furnishings at unbeatable prices but also supports meaningful causes.

Transform your space inside and out

Experience the ultimate in home entertainment, create functional home offices, and elevate your outdoor spaces with their diverse selection. Savings Station is your one-stop destination for a complete home transformation.

Visit Savings Station today and discover how affordable luxury and social impact converge in the world of home decor.

Address and contact

1122 W Sylvania Ave., Toledo, OH 43612


Business hours

  • Mon 10 am–6 pm
  • Tue 10 am–6 pm
  • Wed 10 am–5 pm
  • Thu 10 am–6 pm
  • Fri 10 am–6 pm
  • Sat 10 am–2 pm
  • Sun Closed



Exploring the Unique World of Home Decor Stores

Every HomeGoods visit brings a fresh chapter to your decor journey. With an ever-evolving inventory, each store visit promises an exciting discovery, fueling your imagination and empowering your creativity.

A Global Quest for Unique Finds

Behind the scenes, their team embarks on a relentless pursuit of extraordinary treasures. From renowned brands to skilled artisans, they curate a diverse collection, ensuring that every item reflects quality, style, and exceptional value.

Unleash Your Creativity, Unrestricted by Cost

HomeGoods offers a shopping experience where price does not limit your creativity. Its a treasure hunt that allows you to express yourself without constraints. Explore their diverse range of offerings, from furniture to seasonal decor and everything in between.

An Abundance of Inspiring Choices

From transforming your living room with stylish furniture to revamping your kitchen essentials, HomeGoods offers an extensive selection. Discover unique lighting, rugs that redefine comfort, accents that add personality, and a variety of other categories that cater to every aspect of your home.

More than a store, Its an Adventure

With sections dedicated to outdoor, pet, and seasonal decor, Home Goods becomes more than just a store; it becomes an immersive experience. Find the missing piece for your home, whether it’s a chic mirror or a cozy bedding set, and make every room a testament to your individual style.

Home Goods: is where the joy of exploration meets the thrill of finding your perfect piece every time you step in.

Address and contact

1420 Spring Meadows Dr, Toledo, OH 43528, United States

+1 419-324-6192

Business hour

  • Mon 7 am–10 pm
  • Tue 7 a.m.–10 p.m.
  • Wed 7 am–10 pm
  • Thur 7 am–10 pm
  • Fri 7 am–10 pm
  • Sat7 am–10 pm
  • Sun 7 am–10 pm

Conclusive words: best home decor stores in Toledo

I conclude my whole blog in some words: when it comes to home decor stores in Toledo, Ohio, these top 10 stores truly stand out. From the affordable finds at Walmart Home Decor Store to the stylish selections at Stylish Home Furniture, each store brings its own flair to the table. At Furniture Row and Value City Furniture, I discovered quality pieces at great prices, while Tweaks on Tiques and Furniture Palace offered unique vintage treasures. For those seeking comfort and style, La-Z-Boy must be visited. Do not miss out on the variety and value available at Savings Station and Home Goods. Whether you are revamping a room or starting from scratch, these stores have what you need.

Ready to elevate your space? Explore these fantastic home decor stores today!

FAQs about the top 10 best home decor stores in Toledo, Ohio

Is Toledo, Ohio, a good place to retire?

The media company, which is recognized for publishing regional rankings on a broad range of subjects, named Toledo at number 19 on its list of the top retirement places in the United States for 2024.

Why is home decor so expensive?

The brand’s heritage and the generations of creating abilities developed over, sometimes hundreds of years, are important considerations in high-end home décor, the expert says. “Purchasing a high-end item usually means investing in a level of craftsmanship or quality that is incomparable.”

What colors make a house look expensive?

Colors that add a feeling of quality to your house Racing green, or British green. The growing popularity of indoor plants and the desire to spend more time outside are indicative of this color trend. Light coral, sky blue, accessible beige, and pale pink.

What is the difference between interior design and home decor?

Interior design is the art and science of understanding people’s behavior to create functional spaces within a building. Interior decoration is the furnishing or adorning of a space with fashionable or beautiful things.

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