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Top 10 best home decor stores in Orlando, Florida

Unique home decor stores: With complete information

As usual, we know that home decor stores are popular in every state for online shopping because it saves time for buyers to go physically and buy the variety that they need. Today, I am going to discuss the best home decor stores in Orlando, Florida. The wonderful opportunity Orlando Shopping provides a good inventory and stock of home decor to enhance the beauty of our house. You can easily buy old and new varieties of home decor according to your taste and will. I will describe the most popular and unique home decor store in Orlando, Florida.

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Tips for Selecting  the modern home decor Store

It is very important to know the criteria before selecting a modern home decor store. As usual, I know that it is an essential part of remodeling our house. It improves the house’s look, making it not only feel comfortable and satisfied but also increasing the selling price in the future.

Checking online reviews

The most straightforward way to find out about the shops’ reputations is to read online reviews. In recent years, stores selling furnishings for the home have created websites to reach a wider audience. The stores on this website feature testimonials from previous clients who have either shopped for or utilized their products or services.

Looking at the varieties

You should think about the range of products offered by each store when choosing the best home décor store. A lot of retailers only provide a limited number of things, which may restrict customers’ capacity to select the ideal material for their home’s décor. Finding stores with home décor items is rather common.

Browsing in-store

Before buying home decor, you ensure the stock and variety of the store that is provided because browsing in-store is beneficial for you to know what the items offered by the store look like.

 Knowing the customer service

The store will enable clients to browse through the many items to see if they meet their needs. Furthermore, customer care should be available to assist clients with orders and concerns at any time. If respectable home décor retailers offer 24/7 customer support via their websites or online shops, this is hardly unusual.

The top 10 best home decor stores in Orlando, Florida

I’m going to show you the most popular and famous top 10 home decor stores in Orlando, Florida. All the stores had good quality, variety, and services to satisfy their customers.

1. West elm


Exploring Product Offerings:

West Elm, a leading retailer in home furnishings, offers a comprehensive selection of contemporary products designed to elevate any living space. From furniture to decor, their collections boast a fusion of modern aesthetics and functional design.

Elevate Your Space:

With a focus on quality craftsmanship, West Elm’s furniture range includes sleek sofas, chic dining tables, and versatile storage solutions, providing both style and functionality.

Quality Meets Sustainability:

Embracing sustainable practices, West Elm prioritizes eco-friendly materials and fair trade sourcing, ensuring that each product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible.

Crafting Your Sanctuary:

Whether revamping a cozy apartment or furnishing a spacious home, West Elm offers inspiration and sophistication to create a personalized sanctuary that reflects individual tastes and values.

Address & Contact

4010 Conroy RoadWEST ELM #965Orlando, FL 32839 2410

(407) 354-1518

Business Hours

  • Mon – Sat: 10:00 AM   –   8:00 PM
  • Sun: 11:00 AM   –   6:00 PM

2:Pottery Barn


Pottery Barn: Elegance for Every Room

Transform Your Space with Stylish Bedding, Bath, and Lighting

Discover the timeless charm of Pottery Barn as we delve into how this iconic store elevates your home. From luxurious bedding to spa-like bath essentials and exquisite lighting, Pottery Barn brings elegance to every room.

 Pottery Barn: Stylish Accents for Living Spaces

Explore Rugs, Windows, Pillows and Decor

Step into the world of Pottery Barn, where style meets versatility. Uncover the perfect rug to ground your space, adorn your windows with elegant treatments, and add personality with decorative pillows and accessories.

 Pottery Barn: Dining in Style

Art, Mirrors, Tabletop, and Bar Essentials

Join us in exploring Pottery Barn’s offerings that transform your dining experience. From captivating art and mirrors to curated tabletop and bar essentials, Pottery Barn brings sophistication to every meal and gathering.

Address and contact

4200 Conroy Rd., Ste. 197, Orlando, FL 32839

Phone:(407) 355-3552

Business Hours

  • Monday 10 AM–9 PM
  • Tuesday 10 AM–9 PM
  • Wednesday 10 AM–9 PM
  • Thursday 10 AM–9 PM
  • Friday 10 AM–9 PM
  • Saturday 10 AM–9 PM
  • Sunday, 10 AM–9 PM
  • (Christmas Eve) 11 AM–7 PM
  • Holiday hours

3:Eyre home


Eyre Home: Crafting Inspired Living Spaces

Discover a Cozy Haven in Our Home Decor Store

Eyre Home believes that the journey to a comfortable and inspiring living space is as important as the destination. Step into our home decor store, inspired by classic literature and artful living. We are passionate about curating unique and quality items that turn any space into a warm and inviting home.

Explore our carefully selected range of furniture, including exquisite pieces for your living room and bedroom. Whether you’re redecorating or searching for the perfect gift, Eyre Home welcomes you to embark on a journey of discovery.

Unveiling a Variety of Treasures

At Eyre Home, our commitment to cozy and hospitable living is reflected in every corner. From charming furniture to delightful home decor, our store is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Dive into the variety we offer, from our tea room for moments of relaxation to the convenience of our gift cards, to ensure you find the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle.

Address and contact

1219 N Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32804

Phone:(407) 473-9750

Business Hours

  • Monday Closed
  • • Tuesday  Closed
  • • Wednesday 10 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • • Thursday 10 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • • Friday 10 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • • Saturday  11 a.m.–4 p.m.
  • • Sunday 11 a.m.–2 p.m.
  • • (Christmas Eve) • 11 AM–2 PM
  • • Holiday hours



HomeGoods Orlando: Where Style Meets Savings

Uncover a World of Variety

HomeGoods Orlando, FL, is your go-to destination where style and savings intertwine. Explore a variety of high-quality, handcrafted merchandise that caters to every room and style, all while enjoying significant savings. Immerse yourself in the allure of a home decor store that constantly surprises with its ever-changing selection.

 HomeGoods Orlando: Stylish Finds for Every Space

From Kitchen to Kids’ Rooms

Step into HomeGoods Orlando, your premier home decor store, and elevate every corner of your home. Discover stylish offerings for your kitchen, dining area, bedroom, and bathroom. We go beyond the ordinary, providing unique pieces for kids and pets, ensuring your entire space is a reflection of your distinctive taste.

HomeGoods Orlando: Complete Your Home with Variety

Decor, Rugs, and Furniture Galore

At HomeGoods Orlando, we offer more than just merchandise; we provide an experience. Complete your home with a diverse range of decor, rugs, and furniture that add the perfect final touch. Whether you’re organizing, cleaning, or entertaining, our store’s variety ensures you find the ideal pieces for every occasion.

Address& Contact

7600 Dr Phillips Blvd., Orlando, FL 32819

Phone:(407) 370-4478

Business Hours

  • Monday, 7 AM–11 PM
  • Tuesday, 7 AM–11 PM
  • Wednesday, 7 AM–11 PM
  • Thursday, 7 AM–11 PM
  • Friday 7 AM–11 PM
  • Saturday 7 AM–11 PM
  • Sunday 7 AM–11 PM
  • Hours might differ

5: Ethan Allen


Extensive Selection

Explore a broad range of furniture and accessories, including quality living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, and home décor items, all offered at Ethan Allen.

Tailored Design Assistance

Receive complimentary interior design assistance from Ethan Allen’s design professionals to create a look you’ll love, ranging from classic to contemporary styles.

Craftsmanship and Elegance

Ethan Allen products are renowned for their craftsmanship and timeless elegance, ensuring both style and durability in every piece.

Personalized Spaces

Whether furnishing a cozy apartment or redesigning a spacious home, Ethan Allen provides inspiration and expertise to help customers transform their living spaces into personalized havens of comfort and sophistication.

Address and Contact

4049 Conroy Rd., Orlando, FL 32839, United States

+1 407-857-0981

Business Hours

  • Sunday 12–5 pm
  • Monday 10 am–6 pm
  • Tuesday 10 am–6 pm
  • Wednesday 10 am–6 pm
  • Thursday 10 am–6 pm
  • Friday 10 am–6 pm
  • Saturday 10 am–6 pm

6: Adjectives market


Adjective Market: A Treasure Trove of Handcrafted Furniture

Explore Artisan-Curated Pieces for Every Home

Step into Adjective Market, your premier home decor store, where a vibrant community of artisans and experts brings you carefully curated boutique galleries. Embark on an inspirational adventure as you discover unique hand-painted and refinished furniture, transforming your space with pieces that tell a story.

 Adjective Market: Vintage Elegance in Home Decor

Discover Timeless Decor and Floral Arrangements

Immerse yourself in the vintage elegance of Adjective Market. Uncover carefully selected home decor items and exquisite floral arrangements that add a touch of charm to any space. From historic memorabilia to Annie Sloan treasures, find the perfect accents to express your unique style.

 Create and Inspire: Adjective Market’s Artistic Offerings

Gifts, Jewelry, and Specialty Classes

Adjective Market goes beyond the ordinary, offering not just furniture and home decor but a complete creative experience. Explore a curated selection of one-of-a-kind gifts, handcrafted jewelry, and specialty classes to unleash your artistic side.

Address and Contact

2536 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

Phone: (321) 203-2526

Business Hours

  • Monday 10 AM–7 PM
  • Tuesday 10 AM–7 PM
  • Wednesday 10 AM–7 PM
  • Thursday 10 AM–7 PM
  • Friday 10 AM–7 PM
  • Saturday 10 AM–7 PM
  • Sunday 10 AM–7 PM
  • Hours might differ

7: World Decor


World Decor Auction Extravaganza: Unveiling Fine Finds

Your Global Home Decor Store

Explore the world of decor like never before at World Decor Auction Extravaganza, your global home decor store. For those who appreciate fine decor, unique finds, and exquisite interior and exterior design, this auction extravaganza is a treasure trove of possibilities.

Own the World’s Best with World Decor

Exceptional Hand-Crafted Furnishings and Decor

World Decor scours the globe to bring you the best in home furnishings and decor. From beds and dining tables to bathroom vanities and marble rugs, indulge in a collection that reflects the highest quality and craftsmanship. This home decor store offers an auction extravaganza, providing you the chance to own unique, handcrafted items at unparalleled prices.

Address and Contact

11423 Satellite Blvd., Orlando, FL 32837

Phone: (407) 816-7055

Business Hours

  • Monday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Tuesday 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Wednesday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Thursday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Saturday 10 AM–4 PM
  • Sunday 10AM-4PM
  • (Christmas Eve)Closed

8: Ashley Store


Wide Selection

Explore a vast array of furniture and home accessories at Ashley Furniture HomeStore, offering everything from sofas and dining sets to bedroom furniture and decor items.

Quality and Affordability

Experience the perfect balance of quality craftsmanship and affordability with Ashley Furniture’s products, ensuring that customers can furnish their homes with style without breaking the bank.

Expert Assistance

Receive expert assistance from Ashley Furniture’s knowledgeable staff, who are dedicated to helping customers find the perfect pieces to suit their needs and preferences.

Convenient Locations

With numerous locations nationwide, including stores in major cities like Orlando, FL, Ashley Furniture HomeStore provides convenient access to stylish and functional home furnishings for all.

Address and Contact

4607 Millenia Plaza Way, Orlando, FL 32839, United States

+1 321-204-3290

Business Hours

  • Sunday 11 am–7 pm
  • Monday 10 am–8 pm
  • Tuesday 10 am–8 pm
  • Wednesday 10 am–8 pm
  • Thursday 10 am–8 pm
  • Friday 10 am–8 pm
  • Saturday 10 am–8 pm

9: B home


B Home: Curated Elegance for Every Space

Your Premier Home Decor Store

Step into B Home, your premier home decor store, where curated elegance awaits. Explore a thoughtfully selected range of home decor and accessories, kitchen and entertaining essentials, and lifestyle products, and indulge in interior design services to transform your space.

 Discover the Essence of B Home Collections

From Decor to Bar Essentials, Uncover the Extraordinary

At B Home, the possibilities are endless. Dive into meticulously curated collections, including bar essentials, glass and drinkware, pantry staples, and charming charcuterie boards. Explore the beauty of kitchen linens, cookbooks, and serveware. From housekeeping essentials to decorative objects, coffee table books to picture frames, B Home ensures your space reflects your unique style.

Collections Include:

  • Decor: From pillows and throws to rugs, find essentials for a stylish kitchen.
  • All Kitchen: A curated selection to transform your space.
  • Greeneries: Bring life to your space with lush greens.
  • Candles and Scents: Illuminate your home with captivating fragrances.

Experience the allure of B Home, where every item is a reflection of curated elegance for a truly exceptional living experience.

Address and Contact

Address: 2318 Edgewater Dr., Suite A, Orlando, FL 32804

Phone: (407) 587-1050

Business Hours

  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday, 11 a.m.–4 p.m.
  • Thursday, 11 a.m.–4 p.m.
  • Friday, 11 a.m.–4 p.m.
  • Saturday 11 AM–5 PM
  • Sunday closed
  • Monday Closed

10: The Lovely Boutique Market


The Lovely Boutique Market: Orlando’s Vintage Haven

Your Charming Vintage Home Decor Store

Since its establishment in 2014, The Lovely Boutique Market has been Orlando’s go-to vintage haven. A brick-and-mortar treasure trove, it offers a delightful mix of vintage and mid-century clothes, home decor, furniture, and unique items crafted by local artisans. With over 30 collectors and artisans contributing to its diverse collection, this home decor store provides the convenience of multiple styles under one roof.

Discover the Charms of The Lovely Boutique Market

Vintage Christmas, Art, and More

Explore the enchanting world within The Lovely Boutique Market, where the layout is as pleasing as the treasures it holds. From vintage Christmas holiday items to art, barware, books, rugs, home decor, candles, jewelry, lamps, and even t-shirts, this boutique market is a haven for those seeking unique and charming pieces to adorn their homes.

Delve into a shopping experience that blends the allure of vintage with the craftsmanship of local artisans, making The Lovely Boutique Market a standout destination for Orlando’s vintage enthusiasts.

Address and Contact

Address: 2906 Corrine Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

Phone: (407) 270-7729

Business Hours

  • Monday, 11 AM–5 PM
  • Tuesday 11 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Wednesday, 11 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Thursday, 11 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Friday, 11 AM–6 PM
  • Saturday 10 AM–5 PM
  • Sunday 12–5 PM

Conclude the marvelous information about the Top stores in Orlando, Florida

Discover Orlando’s top-notch home decor stores to transform your space! At Home Goods, find budget-friendly treasures for every room. Pottery Barn elevates your style with timeless pieces. Lafayette & Rushford Home exudes luxury with curated collections. Eyre Home offers chic and contemporary options. At Miscellaneous Market, explore unique finds that reflect your personality. 6 Adjectives The market lets you express your creativity with diverse choices. World Decor and The House of Lang provide sophisticated designs that increase the beauty of the house. Wrap up your journey at B.Home for trendy and affordable decor. Visit these home decor stores today and redefine your living spaces with style!

FAQs about the Top stores in Orlando, Florida

Q1: Which online shopping is best for home decor?

  • Shop Schoolhouse. Target Home.
  • Shop Target Home. Terrain.
  • Shop Terrain. The Container Store.
  • Shop the Container Store. The Inside.
  • Shop the inside. Trouva.
  • Shop Trouva. Wayfair.
  • Shop at Wayfair in West Elm.
  • Shop West Elm. World Market. Accents that complete a room.

Q2: How do I choose the best home decor?

Select home decor that aligns with your style and color scheme, prioritizing quality and functionality. Infuse personal touches for a uniquely inviting space.

Q3: What makes a house look classy?

  • Numerous ‘cheap’ finishing touches, some of which can even be free, can give the appearance and impression of luxury in your home.
  • Apply paint to a focal wall.
  • Use large-scale wall art.
  • Paint or redecorate…
  • Make smart use of color.
  • Remove the clutter.
  • Use mirrors and candles to decorate.
  • Include flowers and houseplants.

Q4: What are the 7 elements of interior design for home decor?

Expert interior designers typically adhere to a loose set of “rules” that are derived from specific elements and ideas of interior design. The key to designing an aesthetically beautiful interior is to balance these aspects, which include space, line, forms, light, color, texture, and pattern.

Q5: Are these home decor stores available for online shopping?

Numerous stores recommend and provide online shopping options. Please refer to the individual store profile for specific information on online availability and delivery services.

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